2022 Microsoft Community Challenge - ChangeX puzzle wall

2022 Microsoft Community Challenge - ChangeX puzzle wall

WE CAN with collaboration between community development leaders, businesses, neighbors and non-profit organizations!

WE DID in spite of the economic instability & divestment seen in communities on Chicago's south side, neighbors from one south-east side community are earnest in their endeavor to preserve and revitalize community culture and identity through public programming. Central South Shore Area Council (a neighbors’ association powered by the NNA) collaborated with The Activate South Coast Project. An initiative aimed at maintaining the culture of communities on Chicago's south east side. The Activate South Coast Project is curating creative projects in public community spaces throughout the South Coast!

Urban Thinkscape is a project driven by Microsoft Community Challenge to help build thriving communities in Chicago. Our neighborhood organization Central South Shore Area Council received a ChangeX grant to help transform one of our community outdoor spaces. Our puzzle wall is an outdoor picture puzzle to help children with spatial skills and promote community pride.

Interested in Volunteering?

Please let us know a little bit more about yourself, which network (public safety OR housing OR marketing & communication) you'd like to volunteer for and we'll contact you via email for further information or with additional details.

Thanks for taking that first step to make our community better!!